Tasty, a success, looking forward

January 12, 2017
  1. It’s nice finding foods that Rachel will eat. She’s been pretty finicky about her food for several weeks now. I made these broccoli and cheese muffins, and she was asking for more. They are tasty, and not just for babies. Now we’ll see if she’ll eat them a second time.
  2. We had a sign language success tonight at dinner. Rachel clearly made the sign for ‘all done’ without my prompting, and I was able to take the tray away before she started littering the floor. 
  3. We’re signed up for the library story hour again and I’m looking forward to it starting in a week or two! There’s something really helpful and good about being around other moms of little ones. I have a network of groups I’m in online, but I need the face to face interaction, even if most of it is surface stuff.


  1. I didn’t know (until a previous post of yours) that you have been using sign language with Rachel. That’s so cool. Do you use “Baby Signing Time” videos?

    • I’ve actually only been doing the signs for ‘more’ and ‘all done’, and mainly in an attempt to make meal times less frustrating for myself. She picks it up so quickly that I’m sure she’d easily learn more of them.

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