Busy times

January 17, 2017

1. Rachel is starting to want to transport her stuffed animals and toys wherever she goes. Sometimes she’ll want the teddy bear she sleeps with to go down to the living room and sometimes it’s the little crochet kitten that her Great Grandma P made her which I give her to hold during her diaper changes. 

2. I picked up pom-poms today and cut holes in the lid of a large yogurt container for Rachel to push them through. It kept her busy while I made dinner, which tends to be the time she begs to be held, so I think I’ll keep it for just those times so it retains some novelty.

3. Rachel tried stalling bedtime tonight by bringing another book to me. Little ones learn things like that so fast.


Eating today, grandma visit, determined toddler

January 16, 2017

1. Teething biscuits were made today. They smelled so good that if I was able to eat oats, I would have tried them. Rachel ate one while S and I ate our dinner, and I felt glad that she was able to be enticed to eat something nutritious and filling. S tried one and said they didn’t taste as good as they smelled, but weren’t bad.

2. My mom came over this morning and played with Rachel and shared our lunch. It was a good visit and Rachel walked a little, but wouldn’t say ‘bye’ or wave until mom was getting in her van.

3. Rachel is really starting to ask for things now, and is more persistent than ever. I gave her a little rice cake to snack on this afternoon and when she finished, she pulled herself up on the cupboard closest to her snacks and begged for more.


Tasty, a success, looking forward

January 12, 2017
  1. It’s nice finding foods that Rachel will eat. She’s been pretty finicky about her food for several weeks now. I made these broccoli and cheese muffins, and she was asking for more. They are tasty, and not just for babies. Now we’ll see if she’ll eat them a second time.
  2. We had a sign language success tonight at dinner. Rachel clearly made the sign for ‘all done’ without my prompting, and I was able to take the tray away before she started littering the floor. 
  3. We’re signed up for the library story hour again and I’m looking forward to it starting in a week or two! There’s something really helpful and good about being around other moms of little ones. I have a network of groups I’m in online, but I need the face to face interaction, even if most of it is surface stuff.

Helpful, messy

January 11, 2017

1. Rachel’s roar when I opened the dishwasher to empty it. She left the cupboard she was playing in and scrambled to help me. While I put the dinner plates away, she pulled the bowls out and handed them to me one at a time.

2. I’ve been taking Rachel’s sippy cup away once she starts burbling her beverage out. Today, she took one long real swig, then a burble one, and offered me the cup. I’d rather she just drink it and then hand it off before making a mess, but I guess that’s just how my baby-toddler is.


Tick, tock

January 9, 2017

1. The crocodile from Peter Pan is brought to mind when I hear the ticking of S’s metronome as Rachel crawls to the kitchen with it. He comes after her when she increases the speed and he can’t play the guitar fast enough.

2. I’ve finally installed the WordPress app on my phone because my posts get lost in the browser on my phone sometimes and I can’t find the drafts unless I get on my computer. This will probably help me post more consistently, as I’d like to.

3. And I finally made it to Home Depot today for the gasket and bolts for the toilet and worked on it while Rachel napped this afternoon. It’s still leaking down the bolt in the back, so I need to take it back apart tomorrow and figure out why.


Leaks, accidents, and other stuff

January 6, 2017

1. The first floor bathroom floor is almost dried out after the leaky toilet incident the other day. We want to redo that bathroom because it has other issues, but not this week!

2. S’s eye, which was very badly scratched on accident by Rachel yesterday evening, has been tended to, and we hope that never happens again. A scratch from dirt is bad enough, but her little thumb really left a swath of destruction.

3. I normally have the car in the driveway when I’m taking Rachel places because the garage is a little cramped for getting her in and out of her seat. I made it work today though and judging from her excited exclamations, she liked the new environment.


Normal life, music, those teeth

January 4, 2017

1. The house has been strippedĀ of Christmas decorations. Rachel followed me around while I took ornaments off the tree and boxed them and other decorations up. Then she was up on my back in the Lillebaby for a few treks upstairs to store the decorations and one down to the basement to stow the tree. The living room feels larger, but also a little bit gloomy with out everything.

2. I’m finally taking advantage of the chrome cast we were given over a year ago. It’s a really easy way to have music playing, and I can switch between stuff I like and nursery songs for Rachel.

3. A quick run out to the drugstore for more ibuprofen for Rachel while S put her to bed. I have been home all week so far, but I really couldn’t see going through the work of going out just for that tomorrow.