Travel thoughts

October 23, 2016

1. A mid day walk around my great aunt and uncle’s Maryland neighborhood after being in the car for most of the day before was very pleasant.

2. A rough first night away from home. Baby woke up around 1 am and after I fed her and tried to lay her back in the pack n play she just cried. I let her cry for a few minutes, but didn’t want her to keep my relatives awake, so I thought maybe she’d asleep in bed with me. It worked for about two minutes, then her head was up and she was feeling my face and looking over at S. He made the mistake of saying something and then she was ready to play. I stood up with her and she fell back to sleep, but anytime I tried to lay down or sit down she’d pop awake again. It was a long night until around 5 am when she woke and was fighting to get out of my arms. I didn’t know what to do with her and I was exhausted, so I popped her back in the pack n play and crawled into bed and she was asleep in just a few minutes. I should have done that sooner.

3. A lovely wedding of S’s cousin. The wedding was outdoors at 5. It was warm, but not uncomfortable. The reception was inside and we were served the best food I’ve had at a wedding yet. I had grilled salmon with a mango salsa, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. The sundae bar was fun, and the live band was loud, but good.

4. Watching Baby’s eyes get heavier and heavier during the reception. We had her in a booster seat at first, but she was getting so tired and antsy that I put her in the front carrier. The music lulled her to sleep for a while.

5. A slow song was finally played a little before we left, so S and I made our way onto the dance floor and danced with Baby sandwiched between us.

6. Weddings do bring back memories of ours.  I think the worst part was waiting in the basement for the ceremony to begin, but then it was all excitement. One of my favorite things about being married is that we never have to tear ourselves away to go home, because we belong together now.

7. A lunch out at a Greek restaurant with S’s parents and siblings and a nice visit with his aunt and uncle in the afternoon.

8. We stashed baby’s pack n play behind the couch in our hotel so she wouldn’t see us and would be able to fall asleep. It worked, although we had to keep the lights off even though we weren’t ready for bed.

9. Spending a morning and lunchtime with a friend I haven’t seen since 2012 and getting to introduce her to S and Baby. ‘How did you end up with him? He’s normal!’

10. Then getting to spend the afternoon, night, and half of Sunday with some very dear friends who I consider to be my second family. They met S before we were married, but Baby was new to them. And for a delightful surprise, one of their daughters and her family moved in a few houses down from them so I got to reconnect and laugh with her like we used to. She’s had two more kids since I last saw her in 2010, and she had three then. I feel at home there and I hope we’ll make it back down before another four years goes by. I miss the deeper talks with them all and always feel like I can be honest with them.

11. Laughing last night with our friends over some of the things that S and I had to adjust to after we got married, both funny things and hard things.

12. Baby really has handled this trip so well. We’ve been in the car a lot and she’s had times that she’s been inconsolable in her car seat, but she’s also managed to nap in it better than she used to. She’s met so many new people and has started acting shy, looking at someone when they’re talking to her, then ducking her head away, then peeking back at the person. I feel like she’s wanted to cling to me a little more than usual, and she’s probably going to be very happy to get home, as well S and I.


Sleep, boil advisory, snapshot

October 19, 2016

1. Baby slept beautifully last night, bed at 7, up to nurse around 2, and didn’t hear another peep from her until 6:47 this morning.

2. We had no water when we went to bed last night. I called the emergency water number and was told there was a water main break. It was back on this morning and I found out after brushing my teeth and drinking a bunch that we should be boiling it.

3. I wished I had my camera on me. S and Baby were sitting at a picnic table under a gorgeous tree which was dropping red-orange leaves. They were both looking so happy in the mid day sun. I’ll have to save that picture in my head.


Oh, no, not the trash can!

October 18, 2016

1. I might have been wrong about the steps being Baby’s new fascination. She’s become quite interested in the kitchen trash can, unfortunately. There are a lot of things I don’t mind her getting into, but trash is a definite ‘no’. She was too fast for me yesterday and pulled out a used coffee filter and thought my frantic ‘no, don’t touch that!’ was funny.

2. I put baby down in her crib for her afternoon nap instead of the pack n play and she had her first good afternoon nap in about a month. Maybe this is what the problem is with our nights, bad naps.

3. The drive to pick up S from work was beautiful. The late afternoon sun made the trees glow. Our walk was lovely too. I told S I didn’t remember anything about enjoying last fall like this one. It was probably because I ached and needed a bathroom halfway through every walk.


Maintenance, textures, sharing

October 17, 2016

1. The car needed an oil change, so I dropped it off this morning and walked home with Baby in the Lillebaby carrier. It was misting and I felt kind of crabby about it because I’m running on an unpleasantly low amount of sleep. The fall colors, crunching leaves, and fallen leaf smell helped perk me up some, as did Baby grinning up at me.

2. After picking the car back up, we went to JoAnn Fabrics and I picked up a little bit of fleece for Baby’s Halloween costume. I pushed the cart close to the fabric aisles and let Baby feel the fabric as we went by. She seemed happy and kind of in wonder of it.

3. Baby’s face puckering up when I share my empire apple with her. She keeps coming back for more, which really doesn’t surprise me since she’ll eat avocado if I’m eating it even though she won’t eat it in her high chair.


A bubbling laugh

October 16, 2016

1. I took Baby into the nursery today during Sunday school and pulled a doll out of the toy bin. I made it kick it’s legs and cry, and Baby giggled hysterically. She was in a slap happy mood and giggles over me setting up bowling pins over and over for her too.

2. Baby crawls confidently around at church now, not caring who’s around. I kind of hover because she’s so little and I don’t want her to be trod on or trip anyone.

3. One of our committee members emailed yesterday saying that she had a large bag of salad greens and wanted to know if we all wanted to contribute toppings for a salad feast today. Everyone joined in and the end result was delicious.



A Saturday

October 15, 2016

1. Baby has begun to fixate on the steps. I told S that’s the new entertainment center for her. We put up the tension gate for now until we get some drywall anchors to install the other one.

2. Catching Baby as she lost her balance and letting her gently roll to the floor so I could tickle her. I love baby giggles.

3. Seeing an older woman getting her face painted at the grocery store.


Completion, change, interaction

October 13, 2016

1. I finished Baby’s birthday stuffed animal. I kept track of my time because I want to see how practical it would be to make and sell a couple of them. I logged 6.5 hours over 9 days stretching from  Sept 29-Oct 13. There are some parts I’d be faster at next time because I had to remember how to do it, and it would also be faster to make them assembly line style with several being made at once. I feel like I could get it down to 5 hours per animal if I made 3 or 4 at once.

2. Our walk this evening was really pretty. The changing trees look especially beautiful against the blue sky, or with the sunlight filtering through the leaves.

3. At the library today, a little two year old was trying to play with Baby by crawling around with her. She was sad when Baby seemingly ignored her and crawled away. I like seeing the way babies and little kids interact (or don’t). That same little two year old threw a sympathy fake crying fit when another little one threw a real one. She’d look up every few seconds to see if it was still going on. I thought we were all lucky the room didn’t descend into chaos with all the babies crying.