December 8, 2016

1. I was playing Little People with Baby this morning and she apparently didn’t like how I play. She took the mommy from me and stuck her in the toy basket.

2. Baby was so much more herself today, emptying cupboards while I cooked and cleaned, tipping a plant over, and happily chattering.

3. I remembered tonight that I hadn’t ordered prints for the family photo book I’m making Baby for Christmas. Good thing too, since it’s estimated that I won’t get them until the 21st.


Eat him

December 7, 2016

1. I’m snickering this morning over the mystery meal menu I set up for my mom yesterday evening. She asked me to make it up completely, so my theme was Christmas, and among things like ‘twinkle lights’, ‘tree skirt’, and ‘stockings’, there’s a ‘drummer boy’. Generally most of the items listed are not edible, so I’m not sure what he did to make the list. I might have a vendetta against him and his song from our Christmas caroling days.

2. Baby has been understandably cranky the last few days, comfort nursing like a newborn, and wanting to be held so she can cry in my face. I don’t begrudge her any of this, but her naps today were wonderfully long, which is of course healing for her, but also a much appreciated reprieve for me.

3. The snow was heavy and beautiful on the houses, yards, and trees this morning on the drive to S’s work. I almost didn’t notice because I was feeling irritable from the lack of sleep last night, but S pointed it out, and it helped get me out of my bad mood.


Sick baby

December 5, 2016

1. Last night found us at the ER with Baby, whom we found out has croup. She had a very disrupted night and has been sad and tired today.  She was sad at the hospital, even when she would finally doze off in my arms, she kept making sad, restless sounds. When we were finally discharged a little after 2 am, there was a light snow falling. Baby looked at it in wonder and reached out an arm. She was still happy when I buckled her in, probably mostly happy to be away from bright lights and caring, but disruptive nurses and doctor.

2. A pot of chicken stock is simmering on the stove, to be turned into soup for S and I, because we are also fighting off our own viruses and it sounds soothing.

3. I’m glad that I can usually make things better for Baby, and give her comfort when I can’t.


Knows what she wants

December 3, 2016

1. I need to take a clock into the bathroom on Baby’s bath nights. She has so much fun in the tub that I lose track of the time.

2. Baby will kiss her stuffed animals if I hold them up to her and tell her to kiss them. She hasn’t kissed us in a long time, but I feel like she’s gotten quite affectionate, leaning up against us or laying her head on our shoulders.

3. S was laying on the floor with his head near the couch. Baby crawled up close to him and glared, then started batting at his head to get him to move so she could crawl between him and the couch.


Temptation, more temptation, helper baby

December 1, 2016

1. The Christmas decorations were pulled out today.I decorated the Christmas tree while Baby tried to undecorate it and I realized that unless I wanted a new thing that I’d be constantly pulling her away from, I would need to get it out of her reach. Up she went on my back and we trekked down to the basement to see what we could find. A small wood table served the purpose well and as soon as the temptation was removed from her, Baby immediately went to play with my sneakers.

2.  Baby so very obviously understands a lot. While I was mixing flour in the kitchen, she went to the living room and when I checked on her, she was holding my exercise dvd which she had extracted from the player. I started towards her to take it away and move her and she hurriedly tried to or the dvd back on the open tray.

3. When I nurse Baby on the couch, I set my nursing pad beside me, and when she’s done, Baby will grab it and either hand it to me or slap it on my chest. She seems pleased about it and I always try to thank her.


Unexpected, reflections, long nap

November 30, 2016

1. I didn’t start my day out quite right today. When I was showering, I realized something wasn’t quite right about a mole on my shoulder, and upon closer investigation found that it was partially pulled off. I must have done it in the night somehow, but I don’t know how I didn’t notice. A dermatologist was able to fit me in pretty early, but it messed up a play date I was looking forward to, and S had to come home to watch Baby and sacrificed some important lab time. I’ll pick a more convenient day next time.

2. Baby was leaning down over the shiny black surface of the sub woofer, almost looking like she was trying to kiss her reflection. She would babble, then look up, and go down again. I got in closer to see what she was seeing, and she was looking at the Christmas lights reflected in it, then looking up at the real lights.

3. Baby didn’t nap well for S this morning, but she took an extra long one for me this afternoon which worked out well for me because a shelf we ordered for the living room came and I was able to assemble it by myself. I don’t normally mind her being around when I’m doing things like that, but all the parts to this one took up most of the floor space when I took it out of the box. She was pretty interested in the new piece of furniture when she finally woke up.



November 29, 2016

1. I love my afternoon snuggles with Baby when she wakes up from her nap. I thought her crankiness upon waking from naps was just a phase, but it’s been going on so long I think it’s just the way she is.

2. I went to clean up the yellow room a little so I can sew in there again, and I got distracted by wedding and bridal shower cards. I know I said before I was going to clear them all out, but I enjoyed reading back through them and decided they can stick around a while more.

3.  Baby has started raising her eyebrows at us sometimes when we’re talking to her. It’s hilarious and adorable.