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Get moving, worn, ready for summer

January 31, 2017

1. Scrambling this morning to be ready to go with S so we’d have the car today for errands. I don’t mind being a one vehicle house, but it will be wonderful when we add a second one back in.

2. Noticing that I’ve worn a hole in a pair of jeans and that the hem is fraying. I’ve waited a long time for this.

3. Finishing the buttons and button holes on a dress for Rachel while she napped this afternoon.


Eating toys, eating food, chatting

January 29, 2017

1. It’s babies like Rachel who made the change to the Fisher Price little people necessary. She was walking around with a (new style) little people’s head stuffed all the way in her mouth this afternoon.

2. I made roasted cauliflower for dinner and Rachel went nuts over it. I could barely keep her supplied and eat some myself.

3. S gave Rachel an old cell phone to play with and and she paces the living room with it held to her ear, talking and gesturing as if she’s been doing it all her life.


Happy day

January 27, 2017

1. Rachel ate butternut squash off my plate at dinner tonight and kept asking for more.

2. S and I enjoyed watching Rachel walk around the living room. She’s getting more confident and was moving her blocks around the room, turning, bending down, and getting a good workout in.

3. I sat on the floor with Rachel and she started scratching my neck for some reason. I stopped her and told her to use gentle touches and touched her face gently. She flattened her hands out and started stroking me and making her soft ‘aww’ sounds.



January 26, 2017

1. Story hour at the library started again today. It was good and exhausting. Rachel was more subdued than I was expecting, but she looked like she was enjoying herself.

2. Rachel gave me three kisses smack on the lips today, plus blew some kisses to S. She likes to push up close to us to cuddle and says ‘awww’ while she’s doing it.

3. One of the funniest things about Rachel right now is the way she pauses to say ‘beep’ whenever she hears a beep, whether it’s the coffee maker, the space heater, rice maker, etc, and no matter what she’s doing, eating, playing, or nursing. She’ll be appearing to doze off when I nurse her in the morning, then S will turn off the heater in the master bedroom, she’ll pop off, wide awake to ‘beep’.


Too much stuff

January 25, 2017

1. I was trying to sort through some clothes and other things that don’t get any use anymore, and got hung up on a cardigan that I bought from L.L. Bean sometime around 1999. I wore it frequently for a few years, and then it no longer worked with my other clothes, but I was never able to part with it. I still think it’s the prettiest cardigan I’ve ever had and it’s in excellent condition, but I’m not happy with how it fits anymore, and I wore it once several weeks ago after not wearing it for at least a decade. I finally decided that next winter I’m going to cut it down into a sweater for Rachel (she has a surplus of sweatshirts and jackets right now). If it works, I’ll be happy to see her wearing it, and if it doesn’t, it makes no sense to hold onto what will be a cut up sweater.

2. Having an electrician come over to give us a quote on installing a new breaker box and outside wiring motivated me to tear down a few boxes in the basement to make a clearer path to the current breaker box. I’m trying to reorganize the house and get rid of some clutter and sometimes it’s just hard to get going.

3. Rachel is getting much more confident on her feet, and jabbers all the time. Yesterday on the way home from picking S up, she was in the back seat alternating between panting like a dog and growling. Today after nap she was requesting ‘itsy bitsy spider’, making the spider hand motions.


Attached, still leaky, persistent

January 23, 2017

1. I went to a friend’s house Saturday evening after dinner, leaving Rachel with S for him to play with and put to bed. When I got home, he told me how she found her family picture book and kept going to the page with our family picture, pointing at me, and crying. He had to hide the book and work hard to distract her. I felt sad for her, but the time out was nice.

2. We worked on checking over the toilet tank for cracks, cleaning it, tightening the bolts, and after all that it still has a very tiny leak out of the back bolt hole. Much more of this, and I guess we’re going to just have to look into replacing the whole toilet.

3. Rachel didn’t like the zucchini fritters I made today for her, but she did at least put some in her mouth (and then spit out). I have eight more to offer her, so we’ll see if I can win her over.


Eating again

January 19, 2017

1. Rachel finally ate some pears today plus some of my green beans, and she even tried the mac and cheese I made. She’s been eating so much better the past few days, she really took off with her walking yesterday evening, and overall seems a lot happier. A friend told me her mom told her that before any new development, babies/toddlers get really cranky and just when you feel ready to throw in the towel after four days of that, something changes and they’re happy again.

2. If we talk about Rachel’s growling, she starts to growl. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a baby growl like she does.

3. My sister J was over for dinner again tonight. Rachel had just finished her dinner when she arrived, so was in fine form for playing and was acting more rambunctious than normal. I guess that’s the effect of a solid, well eaten meal (I was able to get her interested in peas again, which she loved before, by stabbing them with her baby fork and feeding them to her).