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The ‘hi’ worm

August 16, 2017

1. I love seeing Rachel’s imagination develop. She plays in her crib while I shower, and her standard toys for that are her stacking cups, and a set of plastic pegs with a foam board to stick them in. Sometimes she just makes towers with the pegs or stacks the cups, but the other day when I went back in to get her, she handed me a cup of soup (some pegs in a cup), told me it was hot, and asked me to pray.

2. In Rachel’s book of things to spot, there’s an earthworm poking out of the ground saying ‘hi’. She thinks this is hilarious and wants to find the hi worm every time we look at that book. Yesterday there was a dead worm on the sidewalk, she didn’t know it was dead, but she went over to it and stomped on it, then loudly was saying ‘bye, worm, bye’ and waving to it, expecting it to wriggle away. I generally discourage creature stomping outside the house, but she’s been helping S take care of the Japanese beetles recently.

3. I tackled a painting project and after 4 days, it’s complete. I hope it’s a long time before I paint a stairwell again. It wasn’t too bad, but it would have been a bit better if I had a board for making a scaffolding. At least I had a ladder.


New shoes, playful, complete

February 23, 2017

1. We went shopping for Rachel’s first real pair of shoes after story hour this morning. I put them on her after we got home and she protested loudly over them while I made lunch. After lunch we went outside and she forgot she had them on. It felt nice to be sitting in the sun again, and Rachel must have had a song from the library stuck in her head, because she was humming and breaking some dance moves on the sidewalk.

2. Sitting on the floor with S this evening, enjoying Rachel’s antics around the living room.

3. Finishing a Christmas stocking. It’s early, but now I can pack them away. Maybe I’ll get an early start on ornaments too.


Get moving, worn, ready for summer

January 31, 2017

1. Scrambling this morning to be ready to go with S so we’d have the car today for errands. I don’t mind being a one vehicle house, but it will be wonderful when we add a second one back in.

2. Noticing that I’ve worn a hole in a pair of jeans and that the hem is fraying. I’ve waited a long time for this.

3. Finishing the buttons and button holes on a dress for Rachel while she napped this afternoon.


Sorting, a mess, finished

January 1, 2017

1. Rachel is working on cutting new teeth (4, I think), and is barely eating any solids. I’m still offering everything I normally would, and tonight I gave her mixed vegetables, which she did not eat at all, even the corn. She shoved them all over to one side of her tray, then when I took too long to get her out, she started dropping food off. The floor was littered with all the carrot pieces and only one green bean and one piece of corn. I thought it was funny that she was selectivity tossing them off.

2. S teaches Rachel to blow raspberries, which she doesn’t really need help with, especially when I’m feeding her yogurt.

3. My scarf is finished, unless I decide to block it. So much for it taking another month!


Packed, remembered, preparing

December 14, 2016

1. The last of the Christmas ornaments were finished today, and the ones going to out of state family were all packaged up.

2. I had to stop at the print shop yesterday to pay for our Christmas cards, and when I was leaving, I noticed that they had one on the wall under the owner’s family picture. It feels nice to not be forgotten.

3. Baby is wanting to walk around holding my hands more and more. She’s just going to take off on her own once she has it all figured out.


Easily amused, gated at last, bright lights

November 28, 2016

1. Baby doesn’t need toys, she fussed at me while I was working in the kitchen so I sat on the floor and we rolled an empty gallon vinegar jug around for a while and she giggled like it was the funniest thing she’d ever done. Maybe it was.

2. The gate is finally installed! I primered the plywood this morning when Baby napped, then installed it while she took her afternoon nap. I’m already loving not having to fight with the tension gate.

3. We picked up some table lamps for the living room over the weekend and I’m really happy with them. It’s cheerier and they give our end tables purpose



October 26, 2016

1. I made Baby a pair of fleece slippers with claws to go with her costume. I didn’t have any non skid slipper fabric so I used some slip proof shelf liner for the soles. This is the pattern I used for the slippers. They were so simple and I think I’ll make her more for the winter.

2. Baby seems to be throwing temper tantrums when she wakes up from her naps. She’ll be standing up in her crib when I go in to get her, then when I hold out my arms, she flings herself away and back onto the mattress and rolls around all angry. I’ve tried walking out of the room and telling her I’ll come back, and also just sitting in the rocking chair ignoring her until she is settled down. When she does it, my first instinct is to walk out, but it feels mean to leave if she’s upset, but I don’t want to give her positive attention for that sort of behavior. Sitting in there ignoring her seemed effective this afternoon. I was watching her out of the corner of my eye and she was peeking out at me. She’s been happier this afternoon than she was this morning at least.

3. Baby crawled up the stairs after S today. I went behind her to catch her in case she slipped. Now we really are going to have to keep a gate up!