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Unexpected, reflections, long nap

November 30, 2016

1. I didn’t start my day out quite right today. When I was showering, I realized something wasn’t quite right about a mole on my shoulder, and upon closer investigation found that it was partially pulled off. I must have done it in the night somehow, but I don’t know how I didn’t notice. A dermatologist was able to fit me in pretty early, but it messed up a play date I was looking forward to, and S had to come home to watch Baby and sacrificed some important lab time. I’ll pick a more convenient day next time.

2. Baby was leaning down over the shiny black surface of the sub woofer, almost looking like she was trying to kiss her reflection. She would babble, then look up, and go down again. I got in closer to see what she was seeing, and she was looking at the Christmas lights reflected in it, then looking up at the real lights.

3. Baby didn’t nap well for S this morning, but she took an extra long one for me this afternoon which worked out well for me because a shelf we ordered for the living room came and I was able to assemble it by myself. I don’t normally mind her being around when I’m doing things like that, but all the parts to this one took up most of the floor space when I took it out of the box. She was pretty interested in the new piece of furniture when she finally woke up.



November 29, 2016

1. I love my afternoon snuggles with Baby when she wakes up from her nap. I thought her crankiness upon waking from naps was just a phase, but it’s been going on so long I think it’s just the way she is.

2. I went to clean up the yellow room a little so I can sew in there again, and I got distracted by wedding and bridal shower cards. I know I said before I was going to clear them all out, but I enjoyed reading back through them and decided they can stick around a while more.

3.  Baby has started raising her eyebrows at us sometimes when we’re talking to her. It’s hilarious and adorable.


Easily amused, gated at last, bright lights

November 28, 2016

1. Baby doesn’t need toys, she fussed at me while I was working in the kitchen so I sat on the floor and we rolled an empty gallon vinegar jug around for a while and she giggled like it was the funniest thing she’d ever done. Maybe it was.

2. The gate is finally installed! I primered the plywood this morning when Baby napped, then installed it while she took her afternoon nap. I’m already loving not having to fight with the tension gate.

3. We picked up some table lamps for the living room over the weekend and I’m really happy with them. It’s cheerier and they give our end tables purpose


Quick, shopping, tasting

November 25, 2016

1. Black Friday is an excellent day to grocery shop. I went without Baby again, because she isn’t feeling well, and I was out and back in just over an hour, even  with a stop at the dry cleaners to pick something up.

2. I placed an order for a Christmas gift on the Lands’ End website, using a 40% Thanksgiving week code on the regular price items, and about twenty minutes later had an email from them with a black Friday deal of 50% off everything. I’m glad they make it easy to cancel orders on their site.

3. Baby got an early birthday present of a Little People house and I think she likes having something different to play with. A lot of the time, the people just go in her mouth like everything else though.


Model, answers, identical

November 23, 2016

1. Baby was the perfect model yesterday. I was showing a pregnant friend and her husband how the Lillebaby carrier works. I snapped it on and she squealed and smiled, then up she went on my back all happy. Then I switched her to the front and she nestled against my chest completely content as I showed how the extra head support worked and how the hood pulled out of the pocket. She gave an occasional kick of her feet, but was so obviously happy about being next to me.

2. I gave a questionable answer to Baby’s almost 5 year old cousin who asked why Baby didn’t have mittens on when we got to S’s parents house yesterday. I said ‘she was crying, so I took them off’ and as I said it realized how silly that sounded, since there are other things Baby has to put up with even if she cries. The truth is, I put them on her to take her out to the car, she was crying because she’s used to being able to play with a toy or grab things in the car, the car wasn’t really cold since it has been parked in the garage, and I decided she’d be fine without them, and the walk  from our car into the grandparents house lasted 30 seconds or less. Because reasons.

3. We had Thanksgiving at S’s parents today, and it was nice spending time with his brother and sister and her family. Our almost three year old nephew was confused over S and his identical twin, ‘they have the same head!’


More snow than last year already

November 21, 2016
  1. Today’s workout was called “shoveling snow”. It was cold and windy, but I came inside warmed right up. My neck and shoulders are feeling it now though, but I’d rather have those sore than my back.
  2. Baby likes taking my hands and making me walk with her. She circles through the living room and kitchen, then back around until she sees something she wants to get into. Her steps get pretty crazy when she’s tired, but she’s so pleased.
  3. The snow made us change our dinner plans for tonight, but they’ve just been rescheduled for lunch tomorrow. The next few days are busy with family. I think it will be nice, but I’ll admit that I’m looking forward to the weekend.

First steps!

November 19, 2016

1. Baby took her first few steps today! I wasn’t expecting it, so there aren’t any pictures yet, but S and I both got to see her take those steps.

2.  It was windy this afternoon. I took Baby out with me when I went out to pick up our egg cartons which had escaped our recycle bin. She sucked in her breath and looked pleased at the wind rushing across her face.

3. A movie night with S and the new X-Men movie.