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Pass the Pigs

July 31, 2016

1. My impromptu omelet with sliced cherry tomatoes (sun gold and husky red) and some leftover feta cheese.

2. Baby scrambling to get over to the entertainment center to play with some cords. I redirected her, which is something I’ll probably be doing a lot from now on.

3. A very nice visit with my family this afternoon, with a very social Baby. I think I only held her about 25% of the time we were there, if that, between her being in the walker or in the arms of a family member. Plus I played ‘pass the pigs’ with mom, and that was fun.


Wait, face plant, sing along

July 30, 2016

1. Digging up a garlic bulb. It was rainy today, so I probably should have waited for things to dry out, but I keep forgetting about the garlic.

2. Baby face planting off me onto the couch when she was trying to lunge for a DVD on the armrest.

3. Baby has been getting upset during her diaper changes before nap and when I put her into her pajamas at night so I tried singing to her at those times today. It transformed her unhappiness into squeals and giggles and it doesn’t seem to matter what I sing.


Roll over, roll over

July 29, 2016

1. If I want a giggle out of Baby, all it takes is to go after some flies with the fly swatter. I aim and ‘whack’, Baby looks surprised, then breaks into a delightful giggle.

2. Helping Baby practice her rolling so that she doesn’t get so upset when she flips herself over during naptime and bedtime. She sure can bellow at midnight

3. S getting his guitar out, and me working on sewing projects. It’s nice to find time for things we enjoy.


Coffee makes me happy too

July 28, 2016

1. Baby waving goodbye to S this morning. We’ve thought before that she was trying to wave, but this was nothing ambiguous about it today.

2. Measuring my coffee beans into the coffee filter instead of the grinder and catching myself before I went any further. Also, Baby grinning when I run the grinder. I don’t know why it makes her happy.

3. Watching an Eastern swallowtail butterfly hanging out around the hosta plants and my flower garden.


Lemon Cloud

July 27, 2016
  1. Showing off our kind of sad gardening to my friend while she visited today. It’s a good thing we aren’t relying on it to keep us from starving. Of course, maybe we would try harder if it was.
  2. Eating “lemon cloud” out of little tiny dessert cups with little tiny dessert spoons.
  3. Baby warmed up to my friend and was able to be held by her for several minutes, which was long for her.

Handfuls of happiness

July 26, 2016

1. Time to hang out on the blanket outside today after running a bunch of errands. I was on the blanket, Baby kept crawling half off it to pull up grass and taste it.

2. Picking a large handful of cherry tomatoes before it got too dark tonight.

3. S calling me to the window to see the sky all pink and beautiful as the sun was setting.


Moves like Jagger

July 25, 2016

1. Watching Snapchat videos of my nieces showing off their dance moves made me laugh. Seeing them jump on a pogo stick made Baby squeal.

2. The rain. It did mean that we couldn’t do our normal time out on the lawn, but everything has been so dry.

3. I get to clean my oven. Oil was spilled all over the bottom, along with the chicken thighs for dinner. I’m sadder about the skin of the chicken getting pieces of charred remains of who knows what on them from the bottom, and therefore being inedible since that is one of my favorite things – nice crispy, golden brown chicken skin, than I am about the mess in the oven. The oven has not been cleaned at all in the past 8 years (not my fault since I’ve been here only two), and I doubt it was cleaned by the previous owners, so it’s pretty much like a typical used oven. I have a paste of baking soda smeared all over and then I guess my plan is to wipe it out and then spray it down with vinegar tomorrow. The internet says this will work.