Eating today, grandma visit, determined toddler

January 16, 2017

1. Teething biscuits were made today. They smelled so good that if I was able to eat oats, I would have tried them. Rachel ate one while S and I ate our dinner, and I felt glad that she was able to be enticed to eat something nutritious and filling. S tried one and said they didn’t taste as good as they smelled, but weren’t bad.

2. My mom came over this morning and played with Rachel and shared our lunch. It was a good visit and Rachel walked a little, but wouldn’t say ‘bye’ or wave until mom was getting in her van.

3. Rachel is really starting to ask for things now, and is more persistent than ever. I gave her a little rice cake to snack on this afternoon and when she finished, she pulled herself up on the cupboard closest to her snacks and begged for more.


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