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Babies are funny

September 30, 2016

1. Baby woke up to nurse at 4 this morning, which means she slept a nice long stretch. She wasn’t even crying; I woke up to hear her softly babbling over the monitor. I settled into the rocking chair with her and she immediately latched onto my bare arm. It’s been a long time since she’s done that and it’s still funny.

2. My biggest decision today involved whether to wear Baby at the grocery store or try her in the cart. I deliberated all the way there and decided on the cart, and she did great. I think she likes the extra visibility she gets, and it makes it easier for her to call out to people and stare at them.

3. Reminiscing with S about bringing Baby home from the hospital. It was a drizzly day like today, and we were a little nervous about what we got ourselves into.


Stay and play

September 29, 2016

1. I nursed Rachel this morning, then put her back in the crib to play while I showered. I kind of took my time and was surprised that I wasn’t hearing her calling for me. I opened the bathroom door, and next thing I see is Baby crawling out of the nursery and flashing a smile at me. S went in to see her before getting ready for work and was persuaded to stay and play.

2. I love the happy squeal Baby gives when her car door is opened.

3. We had another good story hour at the library. Baby wasn’t quite as adventurous, but she was voicing her enthusiasm for the activities quite loudly. We were both pretty tired out by the time we got home.


The One & Only Bouquet

September 28, 2016



Summer’s end

September 28, 2016

1. My flower garden did so poorly this year – only half the flowers even came up, and those only attained about half the height they should have – that I never got to pick any of them. Yesterday I decided I should pick what I could for the sake of getting flowers in the house once, plus I wanted to take some pictures. Seeing that bright little bouquet on the table this morning made me smile.

2. I cooked Hoppin’ John for lunch today. I wasn’t sure what ham hocks were before making this, but I’ve had the recipe bookmarked for at least three years. It was pretty good, especially when paired with lightly sauteed spinach.

3. Baby’s top teeth are almost through. She seemed less uncomfortable today and had the patience to sit in her high chair for some banana and broccoli. I shared some of the black-eyed peas, but she wasn’t interested.


Outing, Autumn, and finished

September 27, 2016

1. Baby and I had fun going to the mall today. I had an order to pick up, and then I pushed her through the whole mall, stopping in stores here and there. Baby seemed to enjoy the outing and spent some of her riding time making her growling sound.

2. The cooler weather is so much nicer for exercising! I need to do it to keep my back in order and to feel human, but I’m tired from the night wakings and when it’s warm in here, I kind of hate the exercise.

3. I finished Alexander McCall Smith’s book The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine and wish it hadn’t ended. I generally don’t read series, but his don’t deteriorate, and I’m looking forward to the next one.


So big, anticipation, and sleepy times

September 26, 2016

1. I was sitting on the floor reading to Baby this afternoon and she had pulled herself up to stand holding onto my knee. She let go and went hands free multiple times, waving her arms to keep her balance and giggling.

2. Big Bang Theory season 9 came in the mail today. I’ve been looking forward to this for almost a year, so I’m currently insisting on rationing out the episodes.

3. Last night Baby woke up earlier than she usually does for her first feeding so I let her fuss for a few minutes to see if she’d fall back to sleep. She just got more upset – I think her teeth are really bothering her – so I went to her and she nursed and fell asleep in my arms making contented little sounds.



September 25, 2016

1. At church today, Baby spent a lot of time standing in the pew looking back at the sound guy. She kept shrieking to get his attention. He said later that he kept telling himself not to make eye contact. She’s a little distracting, but I don’t think anyone really minds.

2. Winning a cooperative game of Forbidden Island with S. This was after I lost a game of Small World to him quite drastically. We were more merciless than normal to each other in that and my races couldn’t take it.

3. Baby has been getting good at throwing a ball to us. She’s so pleased with herself and will giggle dramatically after a few throws. She seems to be throwing mostly with her right hand.