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Stay young

August 31, 2016

1. Being able to take Baby out to the patio to play this morning when it was raining. I don’t think she liked it as much as actually being outside, and I had to police her a lot more to keep her out of the gardening stuff, but she seemed to warm up to it. I’m glad we have a sort of outdoors place to hang out when it’s wet out.

2. Sitting with a Beverly Cleary book (Fifteen) and a mug of mango-banana smoothie for a few minutes before Baby woke up for the afternoon. I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow her books.

3. I love making Baby laugh. It really takes to little sometimes to get her going, and her joy is infectious. I love this little girl and her silliness.


Slow down

August 30, 2016

1. Baby makes me slow down when she’s awake. While she took her afternoon nap today, I pulled as many weeds as I could before she woke up. At 3:05, she let me know that she was awake. After 15 minutes or so of talking, holding, and playing, she was sufficiently recovered from her nap to go in her high chair for her carrots and bananas. It took her at least 25 minutes to eat and play with her food, then she got a diaper change and wanted to nurse. By the time we made it outside, it was a little after 4. There really is no rushing her, and I don’t mind.

2. I was happy that Baby took pureed carrots today. I gave up on the purees a while ago, but there are just some foods it would be easier if she would eat in that form until she gets some teeth, I think.

3. Finishing my dress with the lace overlay. I almost ran out of thread, but had just enough for the hem.


Neglected hobby

August 29, 2016

1. Getting a new bag into the shop vac while Baby napped this afternoon and making a nice dent in the spider webs and general debris in the patio.

2. Baby trying to pick up an ant that was scurrying across our blanket.

3. One of my sisters telling me that she’s going to print up some of my flower pictures to hang. I started looking back at some of them and now I want to do that too.


Still smitten

August 28, 2016

1. Going to to yellow room after putting Baby down for her afternoon nap and sewing the zipper into my dress. Now all that’s left is the hem and figuring out how to make the hook and eye at the neck stay clasped when it’s worn.

2. Baby kissing me with big slobbery open mouth kisses and then giving S a kiss too when he leaned in close.

3. Observing how Baby notices little details. She looks in the grass for things to grab, and I think most would miss the downy little feather she went after.



August 27, 2016

1. The way Baby scrambled to the front of the crib tonight after I laid her down. She pressed up her face against the slats and tried to kiss me through them.

2. Going out this morning while Baby napped to help a friend for a little while.

3. The sound of crickets outside. If blueberries are the taste of summer, then crickets are the sound.



August 26, 2016

1. The freedom to stop reading a book if I really can’t stand it. A book about growing up in the mafia, in case inquiring minds want to know.

2. Baby finally taking a long afternoon nap today. It really does make the day so much better when she gets her sleep.

3. Baby escaping from the nursery at bedtime while S is reading to her. She crawls off down the hall into our room where she is pleased to play with daddy’s weights.


Sewing happiness

August 25, 2016

1. It is not impossible to mark darts in a lace fabric, but it is difficult. I’m making it work with my little chalk wheel since the dust filters through the layers and I get an idea of where I need to stitch. I think I’m going to like this dress, but I keep feeling nervous that it’s not going to work.

2. Gone are the leisurely days of reading on the blanket while Baby looked around in wonder at the world. I don’t mind, really, and I still use the blanket in between pulling Baby back from the sidewalk or fishing a leaf out of her mouth.

3. French seams. I don’t use them often, but decided they would work well on the skirt side seams of the lace overlay on my dress.