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The One & Only Bouquet

September 28, 2016



Summer’s end

September 28, 2016

1. My flower garden did so poorly this year – only half the flowers even came up, and those only attained about half the height they should have – that I never got to pick any of them. Yesterday I decided I should pick what I could for the sake of getting flowers in the house once, plus I wanted to take some pictures. Seeing that bright little bouquet on the table this morning made me smile.

2. I cooked Hoppin’ John for lunch today. I wasn’t sure what ham hocks were before making this, but I’ve had the recipe bookmarked for at least three years. It was pretty good, especially when paired with lightly sauteed spinach.

3. Baby’s top teeth are almost through. She seemed less uncomfortable today and had the patience to sit in her high chair for some banana and broccoli. I shared some of the black-eyed peas, but she wasn’t interested.


Neglected hobby

August 29, 2016

1. Getting a new bag into the shop vac while Baby napped this afternoon and making a nice dent in the spider webs and general debris in the patio.

2. Baby trying to pick up an ant that was scurrying across our blanket.

3. One of my sisters telling me that she’s going to print up some of my flower pictures to hang. I started looking back at some of them and now I want to do that too.