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Toddler negotiations

June 15, 2017

Today, Rachel was convinced to:

1. Help me pull her shorts up when I asked if she could while she was fighting getting dressed.

2. Stick her hand in some paint so I could get her hand print. I was surprised how much she didn’t want to do it, considering the way she dips her hands into her yogurt every evening. I had decided to give up on it, when she asked for the paint, and let me make the print.

3. Let me put bug spray on her before we went outside. She hates having lotion or anything applied and seemed afraid of the spray bottle. I showed her how I would spray it on my hand first, then put it on her, and told her we couldn’t go outside until it was done, and she relented. When we have the time and when going out is just something we want to do, instead of something we have to, I think it’s good to work her through these things.


Alpacas hum! 

February 22, 2017

1. Toddlers are so inefficient. Rachel will eat peas, but usually only if I stab them with her fork. Sometimes she’ll eat them right off the fork properly, but most of the time she pulls them off one by one to eat them. If one gets squashed on the way, it’s rejected and smashed on the tray as unfit for consumption. Once in a while she suddenly gets extremely excited about them and shoves them into her mouth in fistfuls. 

2. I’ve been meaning to find out what noises alpacas make ever since we gave Rachel a Fisher Price set of farm animals. I pulled up YouTube and found out that they hum. If you look away from the screen, you can imagine you’re hearing a room of young toddlers whining for their moms. We were all amused. Now I hold up the alpaca and hum at Rachel and she opens her mouth to eat the alpaca (to make me stop? Who knows). Hopefully we’ll take her to see some live animals in person this summer.

3. Today’s been the kind of day where I drink my coffee and then can’t remember drinking it, so I look in the sink and there is my rinsed mug, so I must have.