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Birdies, boo, energy

April 26, 2017

1. Two little finches landing on the garden fence while I work on the weeding and Rachel putters around. It felt like a secret garden moment.

2. Playing ‘boo’ with Rachel. We race back and forth and around from the kitchen to the living room, trying to surprise each other. Her laugh is contagious.

3. My afternoon slump has been less slumpy since I’ve been spending more time outside on walks and gardening.



April 24, 2017

1. Seeing a cardinal pair flit through the back yard.

2. Rachel’s happiness that I was wearing a sun hat too.

3. Rachel wanting me to put the two dandelions I picked for her back where I found them.



April 13, 2017

1. Looking over our backyard to see what work needs to be done. ‘Didn’t we have four dying pine trees here?’ I ask. We look for the missing one and see that it fell over the bank into the creek bed. The roots were so shallow, or so rotted, the earth was barely disturbed.

2. The new word today is ‘ant’. We get bothered by black ants during the non winter months, and I was especially annoyed with them at lunchtime. I got out the little vacuum and am afraid I kind of messed up Rachel’s lunch with the distraction. She was pretty excited about it all and kept shouting out ‘ain, ain’. 

3. Rachel was having a difficult time with bedtime ever since our trip a few weeks ago, but the last two nights, she turns out the light while being held, listens as one of us chats with her for a bit, then reaches for her crib to be put in it. Such peaceful bedtimes are nice.


Catching up

April 12, 2017

1. Telling Rachel it was almost time to go inside for her nap, and her taking off across the lawn. Only she’s so unsure of herself when she walks on grass, she’s moving slower than a shuffle, so I have no problem catching her.

2. Vanilla ice cream topped with cherry coulis.

3. Rachel saying ‘sit, sit’, then backing up to sit on anything she can, water bottles still bundled together in plastic, her toy basket, my leg. Sometimes she misses and goes for a slow tumble.



April 2, 2017

1. ‘We’re aiming to leave by 7, right?’ asked S the night before a recent road trip. ‘Ha!’ I reply.

2. Rachel’s excitement over seeing a great Dane coming through the hotel lobby.

3. Seeing a hawk soaring high on the drive home.


Chatting, snuggles, outdoors

March 27, 2017

1. Getting to know the next door neighbor a little bit this afternoon. Rachel stood behind me clinging to my legs while we chatted.

2. Rachel missed her morning nap this morning because of the funeral, so this afternoon, she napped an hour and forty minutes in her crib, woke up sad, and napped another hour on me. It’s been a few months since she’s slept on me like that, and I fully enjoyed it.

3. Getting out in the sun for a while this afternoon, watching for dogs for Rachel to see, hearing her try to imitate the birds she heard.


Stored, sunshine

March 21, 2017
  1. I let Rachel play with an outdated credit card while I cleaned up the kitchen this morning. She went around poking it into various spots, but never left the kitchen with it. After I got my coffee and we were about to head to the living room, I asked her where it was, and she laughed at me. A few hours later, after her morning nap, I again asked her where the credit card was, because it was driving me crazy to not be able to find it, and she toddled to the pan cupboard, opened it, and showed me the credit card resting in the cast iron skillet.
  2. We got outside for a while this afternoon. The sun was shining so brightly, and the snow was melting. Rachel stomped in the trickles of water going down the driveway, and almost fell into the little stream at the end of our driveway. The dog next door came out for a few minutes, and you could see Rachel trying to figure out how to get close to it with all the snow we still have from last week.