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Confused, anniversary day, holding hands

June 22, 2017

1. I’m looking forward to when Rachel can tell me, or I can figure out, what she means when she says ‘pem’. It’s not ‘pen’, and she says it in different parts of the house and different times of day.

2. Yesterday was such a lovely day. S took off work for our anniversary and we trekked up to a bird sanctuary, where we walked one of the paths. It was so peaceful there. We didn’t see many birds, but we heard them. The path was pretty level, so Rachel walked a good portion of the 3/4 mile trail we chose. Afterwards, we had a picnic lunch at one of the gorges, then decided to go ahead and hike it. Rachel had to be a backpack baby for that one. My legs were trembling on the stairs on the way down, but it felt so nice to be out. After we came home, we whipped up an orange parfait dessert for later.

3. ‘Hand, daddy. Daddy, hand’, are some of the sweetest words I heard from Rachel on the walk at the bird sanctuary. She was very independent most of the walk, but sometimes wanted a little extra support.


Orange and blue

September 3, 2016

1. I got to practice getting Baby on my back again today. She woke up early from her morning nap and wearing her kept her more relaxed and allowed me to finish up chores that I started while she was sleeping.

2. A successful orange zinnia in my flower garden looks especially pretty against the blue bachelor buttons.

3. Making spicy banana bars for the church meal tomorrow. I’m a little uncertain about the glaze since it has lemon juice, but it was in the Pillsbury Best Cookies Cookbook, which generally produces great cookies.


Stolen moments

July 7, 2016
  1. Spotting the cardinal in the trees in the back.
  2. Treating myself to a few minutes of Big Bang Theory season 1 while Baby napped.
  3. Baby’s head getting heavy on me as she drifted off to sleep on our late afternoon walk with S.