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Messy, relieved, helping

July 19, 2017

1. Rachel offering one of her rare hugs and a kiss while she was covered in yogurt. I patted her on the back, but declined closer contact until she was cleaned up, when suddenly she wasn’t interested in bestowing affection anymore.

2. My feeling of relief that the lens hood seemed to take the brunt of the tumble Rachel gave it when she pulled my camera off the shelf. The hood broke, but it’s a cheap piece.

3. Rachel helping pick up toys in the church nursery and when story hour is over. I only gave her a little bit of encouragement and she joined right in. A few months ago, there’s no way that was happening.



March 2, 2017

1. Rachel’s kisses feel like treasures to me. She doesn’t give them out very often, but last night, after brushing her teeth, when we were on the way back to her room, she leaned toward me and planted two kisses on my lips.

2. Today at the library, Rachel wandered away from me. I knew right where she was, but she was behind a row of chairs and couldn’t see me. She headed back in my direction and when she saw me, she opened her arms wide and rushed to me, eager for a reassuring cuddle.



January 26, 2017

1. Story hour at the library started again today. It was good and exhausting. Rachel was more subdued than I was expecting, but she looked like she was enjoying herself.

2. Rachel gave me three kisses smack on the lips today, plus blew some kisses to S. She likes to push up close to us to cuddle and says ‘awww’ while she’s doing it.

3. One of the funniest things about Rachel right now is the way she pauses to say ‘beep’ whenever she hears a beep, whether it’s the coffee maker, the space heater, rice maker, etc, and no matter what she’s doing, eating, playing, or nursing. She’ll be appearing to doze off when I nurse her in the morning, then S will turn off the heater in the master bedroom, she’ll pop off, wide awake to ‘beep’.