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The ‘hi’ worm

August 16, 2017

1. I love seeing Rachel’s imagination develop. She plays in her crib while I shower, and her standard toys for that are her stacking cups, and a set of plastic pegs with a foam board to stick them in. Sometimes she just makes towers with the pegs or stacks the cups, but the other day when I went back in to get her, she handed me a cup of soup (some pegs in a cup), told me it was hot, and asked me to pray.

2. In Rachel’s book of things to spot, there’s an earthworm poking out of the ground saying ‘hi’. She thinks this is hilarious and wants to find the hi worm every time we look at that book. Yesterday there was a dead worm on the sidewalk, she didn’t know it was dead, but she went over to it and stomped on it, then loudly was saying ‘bye, worm, bye’ and waving to it, expecting it to wriggle away. I generally discourage creature stomping outside the house, but she’s been helping S take care of the Japanese beetles recently.

3. I tackled a painting project and after 4 days, it’s complete. I hope it’s a long time before I paint a stairwell again. It wasn’t too bad, but it would have been a bit better if I had a board for making a scaffolding. At least I had a ladder.