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Messy, relieved, helping

July 19, 2017

1. Rachel offering one of her rare hugs and a kiss while she was covered in yogurt. I patted her on the back, but declined closer contact until she was cleaned up, when suddenly she wasn’t interested in bestowing affection anymore.

2. My feeling of relief that the lens hood seemed to take the brunt of the tumble Rachel gave it when she pulled my camera off the shelf. The hood broke, but it’s a cheap piece.

3. Rachel helping pick up toys in the church nursery and when story hour is over. I only gave her a little bit of encouragement and she joined right in. A few months ago, there’s no way that was happening.



March 10, 2017

1. Rachel’s ‘nah, nah, nah’ when I told her the toy had to be put back in the bin when story hour and play time was over.

2. Going to the cupboard for the new box of foil and remembering that Rachel put it in the dish cloth drawer when she was helping unload the grocery bags earlier.

3. Surviving another dental cleaning. I don’t get the upset stomach over them anymore, but I still gag for the bite wing x-ray.