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Hard to say no

September 18, 2017

1. Rachel asking for a snack and getting refused because it’s almost time for breakfast, then bringing tiny dolly out and pointing her hand at the top of the fridge saying ‘dolly snack’, as if I won’t refuse dolly too.

2. A new to us solid kitchen table.

3. Rachel asking to be ‘cozy’. Sometimes this means she’s brought me a book and wants to snuggle on the couch being read to, and other times it’s us sharing muffins at the kitchen table.



November 29, 2016

1. I love my afternoon snuggles with Baby when she wakes up from her nap. I thought her crankiness upon waking from naps was just a phase, but it’s been going on so long I think it’s just the way she is.

2. I went to clean up the yellow room a little so I can sew in there again, and I got distracted by wedding and bridal shower cards. I know I said before I was going to clear them all out, but I enjoyed reading back through them and decided they can stick around a while more.

3. ┬áBaby has started raising her eyebrows at us sometimes when we’re talking to her. It’s hilarious and adorable.