Summer days

June 13, 2017

1. Rachel tagging along while I set up the hose and watered the garden. We detoured to the front yard when we heard the school bus, which she enjoys watching.

2. Rachel waking up happy from her naps. I’m finally switching her to one nap a day, and she’s been giving me a nice 2-2.5 hours so far, plus waking up so happy. I’m having a little bit of a hard time with the change in schedule though. I’m spending the same amount of time with her during the day, but it’s only broken up by one nap instead of two, so I’m feeling extremely talked and peopled out. I love being with her and talking with her, but it’s intense having to be turned on for such long stretches.

3. But, I do feel like overall the one nap day is a better schedule. There’s enough time while she naps for me to work on a bigger project or whatever, and the longer awake times means that snack time and coloring and outside time all fits in the day better.


Don’t want to forget

June 11, 2017

1. Rachel being served mixed fruit for dessert and not eating any, but sorting it all and lining the berries and fruits up by type.

2. I came downstairs dressed for church and Rachel came to me and said ‘pretty’. She melts my heart.

3. One of us tracked dirt in yesterday. Rachel looked at it and said ‘mess’, then ran to the drawer containing washcloths, which she’s allowed in, pulling one out and scrubbing at the dirt.


‘Ummy, ummy’

June 11, 2017

1. Rachel got her first taste of freshly picked strawberries a couple days ago and according to her, they’re ‘ummy, ummy’. She’s especially eager to go down to the garden whenever we’re outside, so that we can check for more ripe ones.

2. A tufted titmice couple built their nest right above our patio door. In spite of their annoyance at us for wanting to use the patio occasionally, or walk around in the backyard, they hatched three babies, who were too young to share the fear of their parents. The chicks were getting large for the nest and I wanted to show them to Rachel, so I lifted her up and as I did, all three chicks fled, startling Rachel and me. They flew much better than I was expecting, and we haven’t seen them use the nest again.

3. Rachel had a playmate at church this morning. She called him a baby, but he’s a bit older than her. They were chasing each other around after church.



June 10, 2017
  1. Rachel isn’t a baby anymore, and she’s not even eighteen months yet. It just happened recently. She’s talking so much and understanding even more, and getting so tall. I know I hear about mothers getting all tearful when their baby turns one, but she was still such a baby then that I didn’t really feel sad. Even now, I’m not exactly sad, because I love seeing her grow and watching her personality develop, and she’s getting so independent. But, she’s getting so independent, and she’s too busy to nurse most of the time, and I don’t get to wear her much anymore.
  2. But she still very much likes her nursing time when she first wakes up. Instead of calling “mommy” or “daddy” when she wakes up, she’s frantically calling “nurse, nurse, nurse”. And I very much like that time when she’s resting in my arms and still a tiny bit baby-like.
  3. One of the things Rachel likes to do is play in water, so every so often, I lay a towel down in the kitchen and give her measuring cups and spoons, and bowls, and she plays until the water has all been dumped out or until she’s tried carrying the water out of the kitchen too many times.

Long weekend

May 29, 2017

1. Rachel getting interested in the chicken thighs S and I were eating for dinner. She ate most of the meat I cut off one, then asked for the bone which she gnawed pretty clean.

2. Saying ‘screw dinner prep’ and going outside to play with Rachel. After a bunch of side trips, she ended up wanting to go in the garden. I started weeding and she started breaking up little clumps of dirt and putting it down the holes in the logs around the raised beds. We both got dirt under our fingernails and both were a little sad when I realized it was probably time to make supper.

3. Poking some extra flower seeds into the bare spots of my flower garden. I think it got picked over by the birds when I first planted.


Polite, not going to work, greens

May 22, 2017

1. A few evenings ago, Rachel told me ‘thank you’ after she finished nursing. 

2. We had dinner at a friend’s house a few days ago, and while we were sitting in the living room afterwards I nursed Rachel. Apparently it wasn’t enough, so she went to S who was sitting on the floor, plopped into his lap, leaned back in a nursing position and frantically asked to nurse.

3. Looking out the upstairs window and seeing that my green beans all sprouted over the weekend! Also, Rachel ate her peas tonight.


Holding on, sleepy, try again

May 20, 2017

1. S let Rachel have his sunglasses while we were grocery shopping. When he asked for them back, she replied in her sweet little toddler voice, ‘no… sorry’.

2. Getting Rachel after she wakes up from her nap, she rubs her eyes and says ‘tired’.

3. Making a terrible batch of dinner rolls, and not minding, because they are just dinner rolls and I can try again.