Goofy things I don’t want to forget

July 8, 2017

1. This may sound gross, but she hasn’t actually used her potty chair, so it’s not so terrible. Rachel was in the bathroom with me the other morning. She pulled the bowl out of her potty seat, told me ‘pretend’, while nodding her head for emphasis, and started gnawing on the plastic. I thought she must not understand what pretend means, but upon further reflection, I think she may, after all, she can’t really eat it, so she is only pretending.

2. I’ll preface this story by saying I’m pretty sure Rachel does not have pica. I started hearing ‘yum, yum’ sounds from the front door area while I was in the kitchen preparing lunch. I had given Rachel a few crackers a while before, so I thought that’s what she was eating. She meandered into the kitchen, and the dirt around her mouth was not cracker crumbs. I took her hand and asked her to show me what she had been eating. She led me to the front door and pointed at the grime on the threshold, saying ‘yum, yum’. Then she started trying to chew on the waterproofing strip on the door frame.

3. Making faces at Rachel while she eats her lunch. Things geta little bit silly here sometimes, and she makes the best faces back.


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  1. Goofy girl!!

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