‘Ummy, ummy’

June 11, 2017

1. Rachel got her first taste of freshly picked strawberries a couple days ago and according to her, they’re ‘ummy, ummy’. She’s especially eager to go down to the garden whenever we’re outside, so that we can check for more ripe ones.

2. A tufted titmice couple built their nest right above our patio door. In spite of their annoyance at us for wanting to use the patio occasionally, or walk around in the backyard, they hatched three babies, who were too young to share the fear of their parents. The chicks were getting large for the nest and I wanted to show them to Rachel, so I lifted her up and as I did, all three chicks fled, startling Rachel and me. They flew much better than I was expecting, and we haven’t seen them use the nest again.

3. Rachel had a playmate at church this morning. She called him a baby, but he’s a bit older than her. They were chasing each other around after church.


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