June 10, 2017
  1. Rachel isn’t a baby anymore, and she’s not even eighteen months yet. It just happened recently. She’s talking so much and understanding even more, and getting so tall. I know I hear about mothers getting all tearful when their baby turns one, but she was still such a baby then that I didn’t really feel sad. Even now, I’m not exactly sad, because I love seeing her grow and watching her personality develop, and she’s getting so independent. But, she’s getting so independent, and she’s too busy to nurse most of the time, and I don’t get to wear her much anymore.
  2. But she still very much likes her nursing time when she first wakes up. Instead of calling “mommy” or “daddy” when she wakes up, she’s frantically calling “nurse, nurse, nurse”. And I very much like that time when she’s resting in my arms and still a tiny bit baby-like.
  3. One of the things Rachel likes to do is play in water, so every so often, I lay a towel down in the kitchen and give her measuring cups and spoons, and bowls, and she plays until the water has all been dumped out or until she’s tried carrying the water out of the kitchen too many times.

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