Long weekend

May 29, 2017

1. Rachel getting interested in the chicken thighs S and I were eating for dinner. She ate most of the meat I cut off one, then asked for the bone which she gnawed pretty clean.

2. Saying ‘screw dinner prep’ and going outside to play with Rachel. After a bunch of side trips, she ended up wanting to go in the garden. I started weeding and she started breaking up little clumps of dirt and putting it down the holes in the logs around the raised beds. We both got dirt under our fingernails and both were a little sad when I realized it was probably time to make supper.

3. Poking some extra flower seeds into the bare spots of my flower garden. I think it got picked over by the birds when I first planted.



  1. I did garden stuff today too! Lots of dirt underneath my fingernails. I poked some more Bachelor’s Button seeds into the ground (even though it’s late for it) because some of the seedlings didn’t survive. I planted most of the rest of my various seedlings that needed to be planted too. It feels good to be outside doing things this time of year. I don’t know how many of the flowers I planted are actually going to do well; I planted them rather randomly.

    • I planted my flower garden pretty haphazardly because I was still annoyed about how poorly it did last year. After sowing the seeds this year, I saw a bunch of birds hanging out there, so I poked some more bachelors buttons and cosmos in.

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