Special food, don’t go, plans

March 20, 2017

1. This past weekend’s special breakfast was crepes, or rather Hungarian pancakes as I knew them when I was growing up. I made a small batch of apple butter to go with them, and Rachel and I test tasted it while it was cooking down, which left her begging for more. I wasn’t sure the crepes with apple butter would be as good as I remembered them being, but they were. It’s nice when the real thing is as good as the memory.

2. Rachel puts her new ball into the lunch bag, asks me to put the strap on her shoulder, then says ‘bye’, blows kisses, and waves.

3. We have a 6 hour road trip coming up, and in an attempt at keeping Rachel from crying through it (will that go better now at 15 months than at 10 months?), I picked up some cheap little trinkets from Wal-Mart. She doesn’t understand making a choice between two items though, so I quickly learned that for now I just need to do the picking. They’re hidden away for now so they’ll be new and hopefully intriguing.


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