Sunshine, looking back, librivoxing

March 8, 2017

1. I was a bit grumbly about S waking me up this morning (I had just fallen back to sleep after several hours of lying awake), but I did have to go with him so I could drop the car off for maintenance. The morning really couldn’t have been any better for a walk. I wore Rachel on my back and she was all snuggly. After her morning nap we made the trip back down and it was even more beautiful out. Rachel made her soft, contented baby noises all the way and was almost asleep when we arrived at the shop.

2. Finally ordering pictures from Rachel’s first year. I guess I’ve decided to make a normal album instead of designing one online. I can spend hours looking back through her pictures. She’s changed a lot, but I can see glimpses of toddler Rachel in infant Rachel.

3. I’m almost done with another book for librivox. This is a sequel and I thought was supposed to clear up the mystery from the previous book. But no, there’s a third book. Hopefully that one will answer some questions. Next time I start a new recording, I’ll make sure there are no sequels. It’s possibly one of the most ridiculous and meandering stories I’ve read yet.


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