Sad, excited, hungry

February 27, 2017

1. Rachel and I went to the hospital today to visit my grandpa. I hate seeing him there. He looked so small and weak. 

2. The neighbor across the street was out with her dog when Rachel and I went out to get the mail. Rachel stood on the sidewalk watching, alternately barking and panting, so excited to see a live animal. On the walk back to the house, she did a slow motion tumble that ended in a face plant on the sidewalk. Thankfully it was so slow and she’s so low to the ground, so she didn’t end up getting scraped or bruised, just very sad.

3. Rachel ate her dinner exceptionally well tonight and I thought she was done so I was cleaning her up. I was about to take her out of the highchair when she frantically signed and said ‘more, more, more’. Ha. Never know with her. She ate a handful of kix and then a bunch of the roasted broccoli that I made for S and me (I make enough for her too, but we eat our dinner a bit later than her most evenings).


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