Yesterday’s grocery trip

February 18, 2017

1. The store was crowded yesterday, partly from schools being closed, but there seemed to be a larger number of retirees too, and they were either blocking the aisles catching up with each other or cranky because the aisles were blocked. ‘Damn cell phones’, one muttered towards me as she finally broke through a road block.

2. Rachel gets a fair amount of attention at the store, which is ok, but I don’t like the way people (older women) want to touch her. And also people (also older women) seeming annoyed if Rachel doesn’t smile at them when they stop to talk to her. Stranger, danger, people. I’m not going to apologize if my daughter doesn’t smile on command.

3. Rachel has a fascination with bare skin. I think this is because she’s been covered with a dozen (okay, three) layers of clothes since September. She is always so pleased when she’s just in her onesie on the changing table, and sits there rubbing her arms. The cashier yesterday was wearing a short sleeved shirt and Rachel’s hands were out and she was making her ‘ahhh’ noise she makes when she wants to touch. I thought it was funny, and the cashier was out of reach.

4. Grocery shopping is still one of my favorite things to do with Rachel. She’s such a great little shopping companion, interested in everything, and easy to talk to.


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