Too many things

February 9, 2017

1. I’m back at work recording for Librivox some evenings after Rachel goes to bed, and I’m enjoying it. I have a hard time deciding what to do some nights though, between knitting, sewing, reading to myself, or recording – I want to fit it all in, but I go to bed too early to so many different things.

2. Today I successfully worked for a little while in organizing the yellow room after Rachel got up from her afternoon nap. I left a few things out on purpose for her to get into, so she puttered about pretty happily for a while. One of her favorite things to find is a mini Yankee candle I was given a while ago. It’s the perfect size for her to carry around and try to open.

3. Story hour was canceled today because of the snow. I was sad about that. I did go out to shovel this afternoon during Rachel’s nap, and when it wasn’t windy, it was somewhat pleasant out. 


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