Too much stuff

January 25, 2017

1. I was trying to sort through some clothes and other things that don’t get any use anymore, and got hung up on a cardigan that I bought from L.L. Bean sometime around 1999. I wore it frequently for a few years, and then it no longer worked with my other clothes, but I was never able to part with it. I still think it’s the prettiest cardigan I’ve ever had and it’s in excellent condition, but I’m not happy with how it fits anymore, and I wore it once several weeks ago after not wearing it for at least a decade. I finally decided that next winter I’m going to cut it down into a sweater for Rachel (she has a surplus of sweatshirts and jackets right now). If it works, I’ll be happy to see her wearing it, and if it doesn’t, it makes no sense to hold onto what will be a cut up sweater.

2. Having an electrician come over to give us a quote on installing a new breaker box and outside wiring motivated me to tear down a few boxes in the basement to make a clearer path to the current breaker box. I’m trying to reorganize the house and get rid of some clutter and sometimes it’s just hard to get going.

3. Rachel is getting much more confident on her feet, and jabbers all the time. Yesterday on the way home from picking S up, she was in the back seat alternating between panting like a dog and growling. Today after nap she was requesting ‘itsy bitsy spider’, making the spider hand motions.


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