Attached, still leaky, persistent

January 23, 2017

1. I went to a friend’s house Saturday evening after dinner, leaving Rachel with S for him to play with and put to bed. When I got home, he told me how she found her family picture book and kept going to the page with our family picture, pointing at me, and crying. He had to hide the book and work hard to distract her. I felt sad for her, but the time out was nice.

2. We worked on checking over the toilet tank for cracks, cleaning it, tightening the bolts, and after all that it still has a very tiny leak out of the back bolt hole. Much more of this, and I guess we’re going to just have to look into replacing the whole toilet.

3. Rachel didn’t like the zucchini fritters I made today for her, but she did at least put some in her mouth (and then spit out). I have eight more to offer her, so we’ll see if I can win her over.


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