Eating again

January 19, 2017

1. Rachel finally ate some pears today plus some of my green beans, and she even tried the mac and cheese I made. She’s been eating so much better the past few days, she really took off with her walking yesterday evening, and overall seems a lot happier. A friend told me her mom told her that before any new development, babies/toddlers get really cranky and just when you feel ready to throw in the towel after four days of that, something changes and they’re happy again.

2. If we talk about Rachel’s growling, she starts to growl. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a baby growl like she does.

3. My sister J was over for dinner again tonight. Rachel had just finished her dinner when she arrived, so was in fine form for playing and was acting more rambunctious than normal. I guess that’s the effect of a solid, well eaten meal (I was able to get her interested in peas again, which she loved before, by stabbing them with her baby fork and feeding them to her).


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