Tick, tock

January 9, 2017

1. The crocodile from Peter Pan is brought to mind when I hear the ticking of S’s metronome as Rachel crawls to the kitchen with it. He comes after her when she increases the speed and he can’t play the guitar fast enough.

2. I’ve finally installed the WordPress app on my phone because my posts get lost in the browser on my phone sometimes and I can’t find the drafts unless I get on my computer. This will probably help me post more consistently, as I’d like to.

3. And I finally made it to Home Depot today for the gasket and bolts for the toilet and worked on it while Rachel napped this afternoon. It’s still leaking down the bolt in the back, so I need to take it back apart tomorrow and figure out why.



  1. That must be frustrating. I can’t imagine myself figuring out why a toilet is leaking. Kudos to you for that… if I was married, I’m sure I would be asking my husband to figure it out. 😛

    • Well, sadly enough, the toilet is still leaking from that screw hole and we haven’t figured out why, and the new gaskets didn’t fix it. Usually we work on home maintenance stuff together, but I felt ok trying to figure this one out myself, and I think it started leaking around the same time Rachel tore his cornea, so he wasn’t feeling up to messing with it. I guess it’s back to Google for us, and then maybe my dad or a brother.

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