Packed, remembered, preparing

December 14, 2016

1. The last of the Christmas ornaments were finished today, and the ones going to out of state family were all packaged up.

2. I had to stop at the print shop yesterday to pay for our Christmas cards, and when I was leaving, I noticed that they had one on the wall under the owner’s family picture. It feels nice to not be forgotten.

3. Baby is wanting to walk around holding my hands more and more. She’s just going to take off on her own once she has it all figured out.



  1. Were you making ornaments as Christmas gifts for people? Kind of crazy that Rachel will probably be walking soon.

    • Yes, I decided that’s what family was getting this year.
      Rachel’s been taking more independent steps here and there. It’s like she accidentally does it, then remembers to grab the couch. I think she could do a lot more if she wanted to.

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