Eat him

December 7, 2016

1. I’m snickering this morning over the mystery meal menu I set up for my mom yesterday evening. She asked me to make it up completely, so my theme was Christmas, and among things like ‘twinkle lights’, ‘tree skirt’, and ‘stockings’, there’s a ‘drummer boy’. Generally most of the items listed are not edible, so I’m not sure what he did to make the list. I might have a vendetta against him and his song from our Christmas caroling days.

2. Baby has been understandably cranky the last few days, comfort nursing like a newborn, and wanting to be held so she can cry in my face. I don’t begrudge her any of this, but her naps today were wonderfully long, which is of course healing for her, but also a much appreciated reprieve for me.

3. The snow was heavy and beautiful on the houses, yards, and trees this morning on the drive to S’s work. I almost didn’t notice because I was feeling irritable from the lack of sleep last night, but S pointed it out, and it helped get me out of my bad mood.


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