Sick baby

December 5, 2016

1. Last night found us at the ER with Baby, whom we found out has croup. She had a very disrupted night and has been sad and tired today.  She was sad at the hospital, even when she would finally doze off in my arms, she kept making sad, restless sounds. When we were finally discharged a little after 2 am, there was a light snow falling. Baby looked at it in wonder and reached out an arm. She was still happy when I buckled her in, probably mostly happy to be away from bright lights and caring, but disruptive nurses and doctor.

2. A pot of chicken stock is simmering on the stove, to be turned into soup for S and I, because we are also fighting off our own viruses and it sounds soothing.

3. I’m glad that I can usually make things better for Baby, and give her comfort when I can’t.



  1. 😦 I’m so sorry. I’ve been to the ER a number of times with my boys for croup and it’s no fun at all.

  2. I also have a lot of bad memories of siblings with croup. Caleb got it as a baby, though Mom didn’t take him to the ER, just brought him into the steamy bathroom with the shower running. Deirdre got it up till about age 9, and I remember many scary nights waking up throughout the night to take her down to the bathroom and get it all steamy in attempt to quell the spasmodic barking-coughs and get her to breathe easier. Phew, so glad she finally got over it.

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