Temptation, more temptation, helper baby

December 1, 2016

1. The Christmas decorations were pulled out today.I decorated the Christmas tree while Baby tried to undecorate it and I realized that unless I wanted a new thing that I’d be constantly pulling her away from, I would need to get it out of her reach. Up she went on my back and we trekked down to the basement to see what we could find. A small wood table served the purpose well and as soon as the temptation was removed from her, Baby immediately went to play with my sneakers.

2.  Baby so very obviously understands a lot. While I was mixing flour in the kitchen, she went to the living room and when I checked on her, she was holding my exercise dvd which she had extracted from the player. I started towards her to take it away and move her and she hurriedly tried to or the dvd back on the open tray.

3. When I nurse Baby on the couch, I set my nursing pad beside me, and when she’s done, Baby will grab it and either hand it to me or slap it on my chest. She seems pleased about it and I always try to thank her.


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