Model, answers, identical

November 23, 2016

1. Baby was the perfect model yesterday. I was showing a pregnant friend and her husband how the Lillebaby carrier works. I snapped it on and she squealed and smiled, then up she went on my back all happy. Then I switched her to the front and she nestled against my chest completely content as I showed how the extra head support worked and how the hood pulled out of the pocket. She gave an occasional kick of her feet, but was so obviously happy about being next to me.

2. I gave a questionable answer to Baby’s almost 5 year old cousin who asked why Baby didn’t have mittens on when we got to S’s parents house yesterday. I said ‘she was crying, so I took them off’ and as I said it realized how silly that sounded, since there are other things Baby has to put up with even if she cries. The truth is, I put them on her to take her out to the car, she was crying because she’s used to being able to play with a toy or grab things in the car, the car wasn’t really cold since it has been parked in the garage, and I decided she’d be fine without them, and the walk  from our car into the grandparents house lasted 30 seconds or less. Because reasons.

3. We had Thanksgiving at S’s parents today, and it was nice spending time with his brother and sister and her family. Our almost three year old nephew was confused over S and his identical twin, ‘they have the same head!’


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