My companion, pie plans, scrunch

November 18, 2016

1. I decided to beat the crowds this morning and go grocery shopping while S stayed home (his off Friday) and put Baby down for her nap, instead of waiting until after the nap. I really missed her. She’s been my grocery shopping companion since she was 6 weeks old and I love taking her with me. I don’t know if I care that much about beating the crowds after all.

2. I have two pies planned for Thanksgiving this year. A key lime, which I’ve ever had or made to take to our Thanksgiving dinner with S’s family on Wednesday, and a grasshopper pie to take to my parents on Thursday. I’m most excited about the grasshopper. I remember when I was little looking at the dessert pictures in the Schwann catalog and thinking it always sounded so wonderful. S and I taste tested the creme de menthe, expecting it to be like mint extract, but it was smooth and tasted like a liquid peppermint patty.

3. Baby and I visited my grandparents this afternoon. They haven’t had many chances to be around her without a crowd around, so it was a nice quiet time to visit. She was amusing and warmed up to them really well and gave them her scrunchy face when they said goodbye.


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