Delayed, what she wants, injured but ok

November 14, 2016

1. My gate installation attempt was a temporary failure. I didn’t know for sure that the walls were lathe and plaster, and now I do and I also have 4 somewhat gaping anchor holes that are useless. Plans are set for my brother to cut me a piece of plywood to use as a reinforcement between studs, and since that will need painting, I may use that as an excuse to paint the stairwell and upstairs hallway.

2. I laughed at this article today. If Baby could talk, I’m sure she’d tell me how true it is.

3. Baby gave herself a fat lip today. I had my back to her for a minute, then she’s suddenly laying in the middle of the kitchen floor sobbing. She was bleeding a little from her bottom lip so I gave her an ice cube in a washcloth and she settled down fast. I couldn’t figure out what happened until after S came home, then she was in the same spot in the kitchen going up high on her knees and seeming like she was trying to stand up, but very, very unsteady in that position.


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