Strolling, longing, messed up

November 2, 2016

1. The weather was so nice and mild today that I took Baby out for a walk in the stroller around lunch time. We haven’t been taking her out in the evenings recently because I’m nervous in the dark with the stroller (I want some reflective strips on it) and it gets unpleasantly windy on the main stretch we walk and I don’t have a warm enough jacket for Baby yet.

2. S was holding Baby after he got home from work so I opened the dishwasher to put things away. Baby’s eyes got huge and she leaned and squealed to be put down. I hurried and pulled out all the silverware except for one lonely spoon because I’m a little stingy like that.

3. I’m on take two of cleaning and seasoning our wok. I tried seasoning it using the stovetop method and made a mess of it so I’m starting over and I’ll try the oven next.


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