New food, not taking it, future plans

October 31, 2016

1. Another new recipe for dinner, this time a chicken curry from Joy of Cooking. S and I both enjoyed it, but it could have used a lot more curry powder and I could have left more of the jalapeno seeds in.

2. I’ve started pumping recently before bedtime because I thought it would be good for Baby to be able to take a bottle next time we need to leave her in the evening. We tried bottle feeding her before bed last night and tonight, and she just isn’t taking it. I think I’ll try it in her sippy cup tomorrow, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll switch to our alternate plan of breastfeeding her and showing up a little late to our meeting.

3. Today was a chatty sort of day. I missed a call from my grandma last night, so I called her back and we picked an afternoon for me to come over with Baby. Then I called my Florida sister and had a nice chat with her too, with tentative plans for swing dancing while she’s in at Christmas.


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