Our Sunday

October 30, 2016

1. I left Baby with a friend in the church nursery today. She did really well considering it was her first time in there without me. I loved coming down to get her. She had the happiest smile and such a wonderful squeal when she saw me.

2. I’ve started picking out pictures of Baby for her photo album. I have so many, but I’m breaking it down by month, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I’m planning on doing an old style scrapbook, with real pictures and handwritten captions.

3. Today’s new recipe was for roasted butternut squash and red onions.  It was a winner. I did use an extra half teaspoon of the garam masala because just one teaspoon sounded wimpy. We’ll see what Baby thinks of the leftovers tomorrow.



  1. Man, I always liked the idea of scrapbooks but could never get around to actually doing it. It seems like so much work.

    I’ve had roasted butternut squash with seasonings at a friend’s house, and loved it. When I tried to make it, maybe I over baked it–it seemed mushy, and just not nearly as good as I remembered. Maybe it was also because the squash just wasn’t as ripe so it wasn’t as sweet and flavorful.

    • This butternut squash wasn’t mushy at all. I roasted it for 30 minutes at 400, stirring twice, and it was pretty hard still, so I upped the temp to 415 and gave it another 15 minutes. It actually reminded me a little of my dad’s home fries because of the onions.

      • Yeah, that’s how it came out when my friend made it! (minus the onions). I guess I have to watch it more closely. It seemed to go from hard as a rock to mushy.

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