Raking leaves, chase, baby fun

October 29, 2016

1. Raking leaves with S while Baby napped this morning. I was glad I didn’t do it when I had a chance earlier in the week, since it’s nice working together.

2. Baby edging away when the robot vacuum came toward her, then slowly crawling after it when it went away.

3. We were sitting on the living room floor after dinner, S was near the loveseat and I was leaning against the couch. Baby pushed at S until he moved over so she could crawl between him and the loveseat, then she just kept crawling around behind him, pulling herself up on his back and making baby sounds. Then she’d come over to me and sort of wedge her head between me and the couch. I don’t know what she means by doing it, maybe she’s playing at hiding, but we did have a lot of fun with her antics tonight.



  1. Your description of what Baby was doing reminds me of the similar antics my baby siblings used to do. It’s so easy to forget all that stuff, and not even realize I’ve forgotten.

    • I find it strange that I don’t really remember much at all about my siblings when they were her age. Everything is so new, which is a lot of fun.

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