October 28, 2016

1. I was apparently fairly disoriented at 1:30 this morning. I heard Baby crying and thought I was holding her in bed. I got up to go nurse her in her room and thought she felt unusually light, and my mind was trying to figure out what I was going to do with the baby crying in the nursery since I already had a baby in my arms. It was my teddy bear.

2. We brought smiles to the grocery store today. Baby went in costume. I thought she should wear her costume more than once, and it gave her a nice warm layer on this chilly day.

3. I roasted garlic to go with our mashed potatoes tonight. It made the house smell so good and tasted even better.


One comment

  1. Haha! Funny. It sounds like something I’d do. I’ve had weird thoughts or semi-delirious perceptions of reality like that. One of the most common ones for me since we moved has been half-waking up in the middle of the night, looking on myself seemingly as a third-person, wondering why I am not bothered by the fact that I’m living in a strange house and have permanently abandoned my home. I’m not fully awake when I have those sensations, and it’s funny because when I am awake, this place really does feel completely like home and is not at all a strange house.

    Like you I’ve noticed that garlic goes really well with mashed potatoes. Owen used to cook green beans with a lot of mostly-raw garlic added to it, which I’d then mix into my mashed potatoes to “tame” the garlic a little. The garlic tasted really good with the mashed potatoes.

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