October 25, 2016

1. Baby’s standard response to pretty much everything is ‘baa’, except for this morning, while I was nursing her, S poked his head into the nursery to check on us while I was nursing her and after he left, she pulled off and said ‘da’ and was craning her neck to look out the door.

2. I bundled Baby up for a walk when S got home from work, but then we decided that she was probably too cranky for a walk in the cold. She looked like a little doll with her jackets and hat and mittens on.

3. I’m looking forward to having our electrical work done. We drop the temperature in the house at night and run space heaters in the bedrooms. Unfortunately, we found out last winter that the upstairs breaker has a tendency to trip with both heaters on. S and I have a fairly chilly room for almost another two weeks.


One comment

  1. You and I should switch situations. 😉 I’m perpetually too hot at night. Even when it feels chilly in the room when I enter, after I get under the blankets I start feeling uncomfortably warm, and wind up throwing everything off of me except a few sheets. I love the feeling of being bundled under a lot of blankets, so it’s annoying to me that I always feel too warm that way. 😛

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