Completion, change, interaction

October 13, 2016

1. I finished Baby’s birthday stuffed animal. I kept track of my time because I want to see how practical it would be to make and sell a couple of them. I logged 6.5 hours over 9 days stretching from  Sept 29-Oct 13. There are some parts I’d be faster at next time because I had to remember how to do it, and it would also be faster to make them assembly line style with several being made at once. I feel like I could get it down to 5 hours per animal if I made 3 or 4 at once.

2. Our walk this evening was really pretty. The changing trees look especially beautiful against the blue sky, or with the sunlight filtering through the leaves.

3. At the library today, a little two year old was trying to play with Baby by crawling around with her. She was sad when Baby seemingly ignored her and crawled away. I like seeing the way babies and little kids interact (or don’t). That same little two year old threw a sympathy fake crying fit when another little one threw a real one. She’d look up every few seconds to see if it was still going on. I thought we were all lucky the room didn’t descend into chaos with all the babies crying.


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