Rough day

October 9, 2016

1. Baby has come down with a cold, plus I’m pretty sure she’s working on more bottom teeth. She seemed a little off yesterday afternoon, then when she woke at 3 am, she felt a little feverish. That thankfully didn’t go higher than a mild one so far, but she was so sad much of the day. I stayed home from church with her and was able to distract her for a while by putting Tangled in. Later I strapped her in the front carrier and took a walk when I couldn’t get her to settle down, and another time I wrapped her in a blanket and we sat out in the patio for a while. Naps were difficult today and she’s already having a hard time sleeping tonight. I hope she feels better soon. Poor baby.

2. While I was wearing Baby, I thought I should check the acorn squash and clip them off the vine to bring them in. Baby was in the sort of mood that she’d laugh or cry with very little line between them, and for some reason she found it hilarious when I snipped each stem and then held up the squash for her inspection. I came inside and told S about it and that set her off on another round of giggles.

3. Baby has been going hands free when she stands more and more often. When I do see her doing it and praise her for it, she looks so pleased.


One comment

  1. Haha, I love that story about Baby and the squash!! Your recountings of her both bring back memories of my baby siblings, and give me a peek into her personality.

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