Goat said ‘maaa’

October 6, 2016

1. I got so focused on putting tonight’s dinner in the crock pot that it was almost 2 when I realized I hadn’t eaten lunch. I’m not a meal skipper, but it was pleasant getting so caught up in something.

2. And dinner was delicious. I made a goat curry, and it’s the sort of meal that it’s just hard to stop eating. The goat meat is tender and tasty from stewing all afternoon, white rice sops up the sauce, and you’re left blowing your nose from the heat.

3. S came with us to the library story hour. I’m glad he did, Baby will be a baby for such a short time and it’s really interesting getting to see her in new environments. Today, during the story, she crawled all the way across the room to a chair next to the lady reading. She pulled herself up and crowed and watched as the pages were turned.


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