October 5, 2016

1. I was going to work on organizing the hall closet while Baby took her afternoon nap today, but I decided it was too risky to be making noise so close to her room. I pulled out my yarn and knitting needles and partially completed scarf which I started last fall, and made it a few rows longer.

2. Now that Baby is so mobile, and not suffering from anxiety about not being on the same room with me, it’s making cooking supper very difficult. I start her in the kitchen with me, she fiddles around with a thing or two, then heads out to the entertainment center in the living room. I have it blocked off with pillows, but those are fun to climb over now. I have to keep poking my head out there to see what she’s getting into, and if it’s the entertainment center, a ‘don’t touch, that’s not for you, come play with your toys’, and picking her up and moving her. I don’t really mind, but I wish all that stuff was in a cabinet so it wouldn’t be so enticing. I’m trying to be as consistent with her as possible, and I think it’s working some.

3. Baby has a baby sitter for an upcoming night that S and I both have to be out for committee related stuff. I’m kind of excited about that, not because I’m leaving her, but because I won’t have to keep her up past her bedtime, plus I’ll be able to focus knowing she’s tucked away in bed. It will be the first time ever that anyone besides S or I have put her to bed, but I think our routine is solid enough for her grandma to carry it off without a hitch.


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