October 4, 2016

1. Baby’s nap in her pack n play didn’t go well, so I ended the attempt and went for a walk up to a park instead, hoping it would put her to sleep. I pushed her in a swing for a while, which she was very pleased about, then walked back down the hill, and further from home, until she finally nodded off. I probably obsess too much about naps, but she’s happy when she gets them, and I want her to get used to the pack n play so she can take naps other places if she needs to.

2. I didn’t exactly like the walk up the hill to the park, but it did put us at a level to see a lot of the surrounding hills with their changing leaves.

3. Making Baby’s birthday stuffed animal and having to remember how I constructed them in the past. I really should write the process down, or make them more often so I don’t forget. Too much gets forgotten in six years.


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