Hair, learning, and thoughts

September 14, 2016

1. My hair has been cut and it’s such a relief. Who knows if I’ll still like it tomorrow, and it’s just barely long enough for a pony tail, but those just give me headaches anyways. Baby was held by an aunt and behaved like her little subdued self when she’s in a new place around people she doesn’t know.

2. Learning how to make ribbon roses to put on the front of Baby’s dress. The ribbon gets folded in the same way I fold my straw wrapper when I’m fidgeting with it in a restaurant. Pull one end, and there you have a rose. I made three in a row, decided to leave them connected, and added some green ribbon leaves before attaching them to the dress.

3. I end up with spare time during the day sometimes while Baby is napping or happily playing by herself. It’s not enough to consistently plan something, and sometimes I need to cook or do other household things, but I’m finding myself wanting to fill that space, and I’m not sure how right now. I might bring my sewing machine down to the kitchen since the room I sew in is far from baby proof. I want to keep balanced though with putting care of Baby first; she’s the primary reason I’m home, but I think it would be good to have some productivity beyond housework when it’s possible.


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